Our world renowned Bitutainer™ range offers a number of carefully engineered solutions for both transport and storage, incorporating various heating systems to suit customer requirements.

What makes our range stand out from other bitumen containers on the market is their durability and unrivalled market longevity. Designed and influenced by people directly involved in the industry, these units stand the test of time, with some units still in service over 20 years after the date of manufacture.

These units are deployed all over the world and trusted by leading industry players to meet their bitumen transportation and storage requirements.


Our flagship and best-selling member of the Bitutainer™ range offers a high carrying capacity within a double-walled, insulated, robust frame complete with an immersed, highly efficient heating tube configuration. Within this range we also have IMDG rated tanks, which hold ADR/RID certification making them ideal for logistics that involve shipping or moving bitumen via road/rail in a hot liquid state.

These units are deployed all over the world and trusted by leading industry players to meet their bitumen transportation requirements

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Model 278, 156 and 156E

Shipper Bitutainer™

A unique concept in Bitumen distribution with 30% more carrying  capacity than conventional Tank Containers.

The Bitutainer® is suitable for Storage and Transportation of Bitumen, Bitumen Emulsions, PMBs and Cutbacks

Conceptually the same container however a variation in methods of heating allow for the transport and storage of different products.

All of the containers in this range are designed with high performance heating tubes and they are all fitted with high value insulation and are supplied fully CSC plated, with Lloyds certification.


Max GW35,125kg
Tare Wt.<6,300kg
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Model 778, 878 and 679

IMDG Bitutainer™

These units are suitable for Storage and Transportation of Hot Liquid Bitumen, Bitumen Emulsions, Bitumen Cutbacks, Light and Heavy Fuel Oils.

The range includes different capacities to allow for over the road weight restrictions and port facility limitations. There are also different heating methods in this range to allow for the transportation of different products.

These units are fully IMDG compliant T3 Tank containers and have ADR / RID and US DOT / TC approvals. The baffled design allows for partial payloads to be carried with an inner vessel pressure tested to 4.0 bar.


Max GW26,000kg - 30,480kg
Payload20,250kg - 23,630kg
Tare Wt.<5,750kg - <6,850kg


An innovative and revolutionary means of small to large scale storage: These Bitutainers allow for cool storage, with a ‘heat only what is required’ philosophy which significantly reduces operating costs involved with keeping large quantities at high temperature at all times

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Model 108, 103 and 102

Storage Bitutainer™

Providing a versatile solution for the temporary storage of Bitumen, Bitumen Emulsions, PMBs and Heavy Fuel Oils.

Similar to the Shipper Bitutainer™ these units have a variety of heating systems to provide appropriate storage for different products.

The interface of these units can be customised to individual requirements with connections to suit use as an individual static storage tank or as a part of a storage facility as shown in our Bespoke Storage Solutions section


Max GW75,000kg
Tare Wt.<10,000kg
MEST External

Mobile Equipped Storage Tank (MEST) Bitutainer™

Working closely with our customers, we have designed several bespoke mobile storage solutions with higher thermal efficiency that are supplied fully equipped to be a self-dependant system complete with transfer pump, level sensing, heating, valve network and transfer pipework manifold.

These units are available with the usual range of heating systems as well as having customisation options on the ancillary equipment that is housed inside the secure lockable recessed service area.

Recirculation and agitation options are also available specifically for Emulsions and PMB storage.


Max GW65,000kg
Tare Wt.≈10,000kg