Derived from the success of the heated bitumen containers in the product range, we developed a range of heated tank containers specifically designed for Crude oil and Heavy Fuel Oils (HFO). These tanks incorporate a specialised internal coating and tailored heating system offering an optimal solution in crude/HFO transport and storage.


asset 5

Model 679

Crude & HFO Transport Tank

A tank based upon the unique Bitutainer™ range specially redesigned for the transport of Crude and HFO. The double walled design provides both a secondary containment cavity, as well as high thermal performance levels.

This tank has a pressure tested cylindrical inner vessel and is compliant with ISO 1496 Part 3 “Tank Containers” It also holds ADR / RID and US DOT / TC approvals making it fully intermodal.

Baffles mean that it can used for partial payloads and the high efficiency double layered heating coil provides accurate temperature control and regulation.


Max GW30,480kg
Tare Wt.<6,850kg


103WC Front Right Corner

Model 156WC, 103WC

Crude & HFO Storage

We offer a versatile range of containers with capacities of 180bbl to 415bbl, based around our signature double skinned design. These tanks are proven by our customer to be excellent solutions for temporary well head test site storage, as well as being interlinked for intermediary storage in remote locations.

Each unit features efficient factory installed heating tubes or coils, which can be tailored to the individual heating requirements of the product being stored.

We also offer a range of product specific ancillary equipment, including level sensing, venting and blanketing systems.


Max GW35,125kg75,700kg
Tare Wt.<6,300kg<9,700kg