Mobile Equipped Storage Tank (MEST) Bitutainer™


Working closely with our customers, we have designed several bespoke mobile storage solutions with higher thermal efficiency that are supplied fully equipped to be a self-dependant system complete with transfer pump, level sensing, heating, valve network and transfer pipework manifold.

These units are available with the usual range of heating systems as well as having customisation options on the ancillary equipment that is housed inside the secure lockable recessed service area.

Recirculation and agitation options are also available specifically for Emulsions and PMB storage.


Max GW65,000kg
Tare Wt.≈10,000kg

Innovative Solutions for Bitumen, Crude and Fuel Logistics

TEC’s design and mechanical engineering team are dedicated to the design of specialised tank containers. This team has designed amongst others, the Bitutainer™ range of containers – which has essentially transformed the transportation of bitumen worldwide since the 1990s.

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