Mobile Fuel Delivery Unit

Model 297


The TR-T-297 is  a double skinned self-contained storage tank that also carries all necessary certifications for transportation, including IMDG/ADR/RID/US DOT etc.

Housing a 20kl capacity cylindrical tank and a small secure recessed area ideally suited for a dispensing unit, this tank is often utilised as a fully mobile fuel delivery station.


Max GW26,000kg
Tare Wt.<6,200kg


Length6,058 mm (20’)
Width2,438 mm (8’)
Height2,591 mm (8’6”)

Innovative Solutions for Bitumen, Crude and Fuel Logistics

TEC’s design and mechanical engineering team are dedicated to the design of specialised tank containers. This team has designed amongst others, the Bitutainer™ range of containers – which has essentially transformed the transportation of bitumen worldwide since the 1990s.

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