Ship to Shore Unloading System


A Unique System offering flexibility with all parts safely contained within a secure 40ft shipping container

Suitable for quayside distribution of bitumen and heavy fuel oils into road tankers or Bitutainers

  •  For Unloading a Vessel using Multiple Arms simultaneously
  •  Electrically Trace Heated and Insulated Pipework
  •  Product re-circulation system to avoid over pressurisation
  •  Independently Powered Mobile System with Fuel Tank
  •  Operator Safety Features such as Overfill Shutdown

Innovative Solutions for Bitumen, Crude and Fuel Logistics

TEC’s design and mechanical engineering team are dedicated to the design of specialised tank containers. This team has designed amongst others, the Bitutainer™ range of containers – which has essentially transformed the transportation of bitumen worldwide since the 1990s.

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