Specialist Containers

Our expertise in innovative design has led us to design a range of bespoke containerised solutions for our customers. Our Design and Consultation process means we fully gauge our customers requirements and work with them to produce the desired end result.

Some examples of these are shown below, if you have a particular product that you would like to transport or store in a containerised solution, please contact us.


Non-Potable Water Tank

A 65,000 litre double skinned bunded tank for re-locatable storage of Non-potable water for on-site fire protection. We can also offer a single skin version if preferred.

This tank has a special internal coating suitable for water storage and also includes cavity leak detection and a cavity drain connection.


Off Shore Tanks

A DNV2.7-1: 2013 certified unit suitable for the Off-shore storage of Mono-ethylene glycol (MEG). This unit was designed for a leading offshore gas exploration company for preventing subsea pipe freezing.

The tanks robust and self-contained design is suitable for the harsh off-shore environment, fitted offshore rated Padeyes and fork lift pockets for safe lifting.


Molasses Container

Utilising the proven design of the acclaimed Shipper Bitutainer™, this tank has a specialist internal coating applied to allow for the transport and storage of Molasses.

Roof mounted flanges are also fitted in reinforced support areas to allow for agitators to mix the product as required. Supplied fully CSC plated, with Lloyds certification and high performance internal heating coils.


Equestrian Wax

Based around the IMDG BitutainerTM this offering is specifically for the Equestrian surface market, where they require tanks to melt their waxy base for the all-weather tracks and arenas used for horse racing and events.



We can also offer standard ISO tanks for fuels, chemicals and high pressure gases such as LPG.

These range from 20kl to 26kl in the 20ft range.