Heating Systems

At TEC, we work with leading heating equipment suppliers to supply the most efficient and cost effective heating solutions on the market. We then customise this equipment specifically to our product range to maximise operational efficiency, usability and operator safety.

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Direct Fire Burners

The most popular heating system in our range is the direct fire heating system.

We supply burners from a market leading European manufacturer, complete with a customised Bitutainer™ mounting kit, handles, brackets, fuel hoses, filters and electrical cables.

Our burner sets are also sold with an optional TEC Control Panel, which allows for unmanned safe heating and accurate temperature regulation.

electrical elements

Electrical Elements

Ceramic and metal rod heating elements are a great way of economically maintaining product temperature in a Bitutainer™ tank.

We work with specialised engineers to stipulate the capacity of each electrical element set supplied to ensure it is the perfect fit for our customers operation.

Available for both the 20ft and 40ft Bitutainer™ range.