Tank Equipment

As well as spare parts, we supply a range of ancillary equipment for our tank container range that further increases their suitability for any application.

Please get in touch to discuss any of the equipment shown below.


Flame Liners

Flame liner sets are utilised to ensure that the flame of the burner set is heating the air space inside the heater tubes, rather than contacting the heater tube itself.

This prevents any over heating in localised areas, which can lead to bitumen degredation. By utilising flame liners, it allows the heat to dissipate evenly along the length of the heater tube, ensuring a controlled and efficient heat up operation.



As accessories to our containerised solutions, we offer valves for a wide range of applications including:

  • Bitumen tanks
  • Crude Oil manifolds
  • Steam Heating systems
  • Thermal Oil heating systems
  • Diesel Control Valves

Level Equipment

From dipsticks for our bitumen transportation tanks, to complete continuous and high level sensing control systems for storage facilities, we have an extensive range of solutions to complement our containers.



Please enquire about our range of spares packages available to service your Bitutainer™ fleet.



For bitumen emulsions, PMB’s, HFO and other blends, agitators are a great way of ensuring product homogenisation and avoiding separation. We coordinate with our expert suppliers to provide tailor made solutions to our customer requirements.


Transfer Hoses

We supply a range of stainless steel over braided transfer hoses for bitumen and other products.

These top of the range hoses are fully pressure tested and certified prior to delivery and conform to CE standards.